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Looking to build and maintain secure software products from the ground up?
Trying to keep up with the latest vulnerabilities and secure coding trends? Working to implement secure coding best practices across programming languages and platforms?

Secure Coding

Securecoding.com is where to go when you want to get informed and stay updated about baking security into the development pipeline.


We’re continuously gathering resources from the best and the brightest
in the industry to provide you with the knowledge that you need to create and
maintain secure software projects. Browse our collection of webinars, articles, how-to’s, and security updates from leading developers,
analysts, and AppSec experts across the software development industry.


Whether you want to learn how to create a secure coding foundation or stay
updated on the latest trends, insights, and best secure coding practices,
we’ve got you covered.

Our Mission

We want to help break the barriers between security and development, support an environment where security is a team effort, and enable developers to take security into their own hands.

Securecoding.com was created to provide developers and security professionals with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to integrate security into every stage of development, starting as early as possible in the development process.

Why is Secure Coding Important?

Web applications and software vulnerabilities have become
the most attractive target for attack.

Get Insightful

Fixing security issues close to production is costly, time-consuming,

and nerve-racking. Secure coding allows you to avoid those risks,

or detect and fix them early in development before they delay release

or impact customers.


Shifting security left to the early stages of development requires

developers to hone a new skill-set. Our collection of resources covers

secure coding insights, principles, and best practices from AppSec

and Cybersecurity practitioners, analysts, and thought leaders to help

you keep your code secure without breaking the build or missing

release dates.