The Event

Revere Hotel Boston

Coding is no longer just about creating new and innovating features. As AppSec becomes a top priority, agile organizations are looking for ways to win at security without slowing down their release cycles. This means reconfiguring our mindset and shifting security as far left as possible: The Coding Phase.

Join us at the Secure Coding roadshow in Boston where you can hear from our finest selection of industry-leading practitioners, analysts, and thought leaders from the AppSec and Cybersecurity realm, as they share their secret insights, principles, and best practices to achieve better & secure software.


We don't want to spoil anything, but we'll share a sneak peek:
Security with Threat Modeling
An intro to secure software design
Code Security Confidently
Leave fears on the side, come feel the good vibes of developer-led code security!
Threat Modeling vNext
Make Threat Modeling the flexible, integrated, automated and customizable process you need.
Cloud Native Security
This session will cover topics such as securely building container images, runtime security, authentication and access control in Kubernetes, network traffic control, and secret
Deep Dive In Container Security
Policies, access control & managing sensitive data
Secure Coding and Vulnerabilities
Closing session - panel

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