Unsolved Problems in Open Source Security

Speaker: Rhys Arkins, Director of Product Management at WhiteSource


Very few people today doubt the principles and benefits of Open Source, but you can definitely be forgiven for having concerns about its security.
Some of the ways we rely on Open Source today are fundamentally flawed, yet almost never discussed – from registries hosting unsigned artifacts of the unreproducible source to package managers which propagate new versions of dependencies at the earliest opportunity.
It’s time to identify these unsolved – and mostly undiscussed – risks, evaluate their potential impact and determine what can be done in the Open Source community to address them.
In This webinar, Rhys Arkins, Director of Product Management at WhiteSource will discuss why we need reproducible builds in open source, verified artifacts, and why the majority of package managers may need a substantial change, while one, in particular, got it right.
He will also provide some recommendations on the defensive use of open source particularly for products and industries at the highest risk of software supply chain attacks.

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